Based solidly on Scripture, the early Church fathers declared that there is no salvation apart from the Church. Thus how we think about and relate to the Church is of eternal consequence. Yet what is the Church? This is a question we are going to dig into on Sunday by looking at Matthew 16 but there is more to the Church than I can cover in a sermon so I want to say two other things here.

First of all, the Church is “ordered.” Jesus gives his Church a variety of servant leaders and we get to experience a touch of that this Sunday as we ordain and install new elders and deacons. I’m praising God for the amazing leaders he has raised up for his Church!

Secondly, the Church is “one.” Jesus has only “one” Church across time and space and this Monday and Tuesday I get to experience a little bit of that by participating in a 24-hour prayer retreat with eight other pastors from around town. We are going to spend Monday praying for one another and Tuesday praying for our community. I believe this is critical to our witness so please join us in praying for the oneness and witness of Church in our community.

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