We’ve all had the thoughts. You know, the ones that you have late at night when you can’t get to sleep, or during those moments when life isn’t going very well. “There’s got to be more to this life than I see and what I experience.”

It’s OK to doubt, and it’s OK to ask tough questions. That’s why we will be taking seven weeks during September and October to dig in to some of the tough questions we ask about life and God. And they’re the same questions our neighbors, co-workers and family are asking:


  • Does Life Have a Purpose?
  • Is There a God?
  • Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
  • Is Christianity too Narrow?
  • Is Jesus Really God?
  • Is The Bible Reliable?
  • Can I Know God Personally?

From Sept. 9-Oct. 21, we will be participating with about 10 other area churches in the series “Explore God.” Each Sunday during that time, our Sunday sermons will focus on the big questions. But it’s more than just a Sunday event: We are pulling together discussion groups, smaller gatherings where you can invite friends and neighbors to wrestle with these questions with you.

So, what can you do? Today, all we want you to do is mark your calendar and plan to participate by being at Sunday worship. Also, pray about how you could be involved beyond Sunday morning, perhaps by attending or facilitating a discussion group.

You can find out more and watch a short video on Explore God at our dedicated web page. Now is also a good time to like us on Facebook. We’ll be doing several updates throughout the series.

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