The leaders of First Presbyterian recently identified several priorities for 2018. At the top of the list: to grow in our commitment to prayer, both corporately and individually.

The elders followed up that commitment by adopting 14 ways we can meet this top priority. It’s not an exhaustive list, and we want to try all of these things with varying frequency over the coming year. Here they are:

  • Communicate via The Piper, website and pulpit that prayer is our top priority.
  • Provide and highlight tools to help people personally pray. This will include things like the prayer guide in our weekly bulletins as well as creating occasional targeted prayer guides for things like mission trips. It will also include at least one class or seminar that helps teach people to pray.
  • Promote and invite more to participate in our standing Wednesday and Sunday morning intercessory prayer meetings.
  • Encourage greater participation by Session in the prayer meeting that precedes our regular stated meeting and elevate the place of prayer within the meetings.
  • Have more of our elders and covenant partners lead the prayers of the people in corporate worship.
  • More regularly lead the prayers of the people in ways that involve more direct participation by the congregation. This may include things like having people voice one word prayers, praying favorite scriptures, and distributing and collecting prayer requests that are then incorporated in the prayers of the people.
  • More regularly include periods of silence in worship for prayer.
  • Start a weekly staff prayer meeting. (Note: this meeting began on Nov. 13)
  • Hold two to four special prayer services annually. This may include a 24 hour prayer vigil, a service for prayer and wholeness, and/or a service where we specifically intercede for a particular subject/issue (like the National Day of Prayer).
  • Hold occasional “prayer walks” at schools, around downtown, etc.
  • Include a “prayer room” aspect to the design of the proposed chapel within the broader Faul’s building plan.
  • Hold pastors and ministry staff to taking at least two DAWG (Day Alone With God) annually.
  • Create ways to specifically involve children and youth in prayer both within their age specific ministries and in the prayer life of the broader congregation.
  • Open the church to the community for prayer after disasters and generally. (Note there is a community prayer group that meets on Mondays in the Parlor).

We hope you’ll join us in deepening your prayer life and in lifting up your brothers and sisters at First Presbyterian.


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