“Wake up!”

After having traveled for nearly 24 hours straight with very little sleep I didn’t think sleep would be an issue but while I had no problem falling asleep I woke up at 4:30 a.m. local, which was 8:30 p.m. back home.

Some of the ruins in the ancient cities of Sardis and Pergamon.

I knew I needed more sleep, plus I wanted to give Scott Dove, who I am traveling with, every chance of staying asleep so I just lay there and tossed and turned for a bit. I was finally drifting back to sleep when I heard the dawn Muslim Call to prayer start from outside our window from multiple minarets. Fully awake at that point I decided to pray, but to our Father and in Jesus’ name. I prayed for many things, ranging from gratitude for the safe travel we had experienced to prayers for all of your well being back home. Mostly though I asked God to forgive my prayerlessness and to wake me and really all of us up to what we have in prayer.

This call to “wake up” fit well with today’s itinerary as we visited the ancient ruins of Pergamum and Sardis each of which received a letter from Jesus, recorded in Revelation 2 and 3, respectively. The Church in Sardis, from which I write this, is specifically instructed to “wake up!” (Revelation 3:2).

So friends, wake up and pray. Pray for us here in Turkey and for our brothers and sisters here and from Iran who we are meeting tomorrow. Pray for what is going on in Haiti. Pray for D-Now and all the students from our church who will be participating. Pray for harvest workers even as Jesus instructed us to. Pray for another great awakening, or to put it another way, pray that we wake up!

Mission to Turkey
Pastor Jon Heeringa and Scott Dove are traveling in Turkey as they help train pastors for the Middle East. They are sending occasional dispatches during their trip.
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