Church Leadership


staff-jon-heeringa-210x300 staff-billy-craig-210x300

Rev. Dr.  Jon Heeringa

Pastor-Head of Staff

Rev. Scott Thayer

Associate Pastor

Rev. Billy Craig

Associate Pastor for Youth & Evangelism


Shannon Kiser

Director of Music & Worship

 Betsy Dishman

Director of Children & Family Ministries

Rose Kingston

Secretary and Children &
Family Ministries Assistant


Donna Meadows

Church Business Administrator

Emily Huffman

Administrative Assistant

Chris Furry

Facilities Manager


Karen Holl


Gary Edlind Sr.

Director of Visitation Ministries

Ricky Wilson


Joyce Jennings



The congregation elects Elders each year to lead the church. Elders are expected to be mature followers of Jesus who work together to equip the church to carry out its mission. Elders serve three-year terms and are made up of three different groups of people whose terms expire together. Together, the group is referred to as a Session, and they meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings, held at 6:30 p.m., are open. Those currently serving as elders are:

  • William Cale
  • Ron Dunham
  • Dan Clements
  • Lisa Grayson
  • Pat Haden
  • Vincent Harkins
  • Brad Jenkins
  • Jim Krauss
  • Scott Lemn
  • Nita Lord
  • Gloria Price
  • Terry Rhodes
  • Robert Sease
  • Sue Smith
  • Tanya Thompson

Committee Leaders

First Presbyterian has a number of committees that work to carry out the mission of the church. If you are interested in working with one of these committees, or if you have questions about the church’s mission in one of these areas, contact the committee coordinators listed below.

  • Administration/Finance: Vince Harkins
  • Christian Education/Discipleship: Robin Keesee
  • Communications: Brad Jenkins
  • Congregational Care: Joy Strickland and Bea Ammons
  • Evangelism: Scott Lemn
  • Facilities: Thomas Moomaw
  • Fauls Building: Tom Clayton and Vince Harkins
  • Global Missions: Renee McCulloch
  • Local Missions: Dan Clements and Doug Gardner
  • Personnel: Vacant
  • Worship: Bill Cale
  • Youth Vision Team: Patrick Werner

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