Lately I’ve been thinking about heroes. Partly this is because we are in the middle of a sermon series on Biblical heroes, but more of it is because I feel like I’m surrounded by heroes.

Our staff are heroes. The way they have stepped up to make ministry happen in this very different and fluid context is truly amazing. Our Session m

embers are heroes. They have dug in and both worked and prayed hard throughout this pandemic putting in coun

tless extra hours. Really all of our volunteer teachers, mentors and small-group leaders for all ages are heroes, as they nearly seamlessly transitioned to doing ministry online. Our caring-ministry volunteers are heroes as cards and calls and meals and prayers have poured forth without a hitch, helping people experience the love of Christ even with many things shut down. Our donors are heroes, as giving both to the church and special mission projects has been fantastic.

I could go on, but truly we are blessed to be surrounded by some very ordinary heroes through whom our Lord is doing some truly extraordinary things. Let’s make sure we thank God and these heroes for what they are doing.

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