A well that First Presbyterian Church helped fund in Haiti has been built.

Two years ago, the Mothers of Young Children Bible Study read the book, “A Hole in the Gospel,” by Rich Stearns. The group,  deeply affected by the study and sensed the call to make a difference. Last spring, the group sought support to build a well in Haiti. With the help of First Presbyterian and donations from the local community, the group surpassed its goal to raise $15,000.

Living Water International recently completed the well. The town of Devesien now has water. Elvis Etienne recently shared how grateful his community is for the well and for the team sharing Jesus’ love with the people of Devesien.

“Living Water has touched our big need,” Elvis said. “We do have a lot of open wells in the community of Devesien, but water from those wells is not drinkable. …we want to thank [you] for coming [to] our village and giving us life and invit[ing] us to try the [living] water who is Jesus. If anyone drinks from it, [they] will not be thirsty again.”

With funds raised in Harrisonburg, Living Water International not only built the well, but also had funds to educate the community about both physical health (proper hygiene habits) and spiritual health (through accepting Jesus as their Savior).

The Mothers of Young Children Bible Study now hopes to raise money for another well. A fund-raiser is being planned for Sunday, June 4.

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