So, one of the missionaries we support as a Church is Dennis Karp of Chosen People Ministries. Dennis is a Messianic Jew, and Chosen People Ministries is an evangelistic mission to the Jewish people. Dennis preached for us last year on Pentecost, helping us understand the Jewish side of that holiday and how it connects to the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, when Dennis preached, he and I started planning for a pilgrimage-style trip to Israel. I’m pleased to announce that those plans are going forward. From April 11-23, 2021, we are going to tour the City of David, Magdala, Bethsaida, take a Sea of Galilee Boat Ride, visit Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the Western Wall, Masada, the Dead Sea and more. Dennis and his wife Tina will be serving as our personal guides. The Bible will come to life in whole new ways!

A trip of this nature isn’t cheap but I believe it will be invaluable to the faith of all who go. So I encourage you to pray about this opportunity and if you want to know more or sign up let me know and I’ll get you more information. I’m praying a lot of you will be a part of this.

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