Lately I’ve been wondering what “button” God has pushed. You see, in many ways most of us have been living like, and perhaps even hoping that, God has merely pushed a “pause” button and that soon things will go back to “normal.”  Yet as the “pause” drags on, I’ve begun to think that perhaps God has pushed the “reset” button.

Determining which button He has pushed will deeply impact the way we live. If it is a “pause” button, we pause, try to learn the lessons He has for us, hold on as patiently as we can and go back to “normal” once He hits the “play” button again. Yet if it is the “reset” button, it means we strip down to all but our essential purposes and innovate some new and perhaps even better ways to carry them out. Please note the “if” in all this, but if it is a “reset” we need to remember God isn’t throwing His Church out but rather is resetting us to essential purposes of worship, discipleship and mission, all of which I think we would agree we could do better at than we were pre-pandemic.

Anyway, what do you think? Pause or Reset? And what do we do in light of it?

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