Nursery Policies

To maintain a high standard of security, we have implemented these policies for the nursery here at First Pres. Please understand that while some of these precautions may seem to be a hassle,  they are for the safety of our youngest, most vulnerable church family members.

* Guardians or older siblings should not enter the nursery for pick up or drop off (unless putting a baby to sleep or nursing). A nursery worker will be stationed at the inside gate- which shall remained closed. Adults should hand their child over the gate to the nursery worker.

* When adults drop their child off in the nursery, they will receive a clothes pin with a number on it. The child will receive a name tag with the corresponding number that will be placed on the child’s back.

 * Children are not allowed to be released from the nursery unless a matching clothes pin has first been handed to the Pick-up Monitor.

 * Once a matching clothes pin has been handed to the Pick-Up Monitor, that nursery worker will hand the child over the gate to his/her grown-up(s). 

*Note* The Pick-Up Monitor is the nursery worker who will meet adults as they come to the gate to pick up their children. (Parents should not enter into nursery area.) As services/Sunday school ends, the Monitor will position herself by the gate to keep a look-out for parents. Monitor will get the clothes pin from the parent and will then hand the parent the child who has the sticker with the corresponding number.