Michael Bright joined our Wednesday-night ministry team as an intern this fall. He has been working with the 45 Club kids (grades 4 and 5). We asked him some questions so we could get to know him.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Mechanicsville, Virginia, outside of Richmond. At my home church, I grew up going to Sunday school and Wednesday night Bible studies. Around seventh grade, I found my place in the church by joining the praise band there. Through learning how to play Christian music, I was able to learn more about my faith in a way that I enjoyed. I came to James Madison University after my freshman year, for which I attended Virginia Commonwealth University. I transferred to JMU because I became interested in their physician’s assistant program. I am a junior at JMU and I am a kinesiology major, pre-physician’s assistant with a biology minor.

What do you most enjoy about working with fourth and fifth graders?

I most enjoy working with fourth and fifth graders because they are reaching a point in growing up where they can start really exploring their faith. They can start deciding what they believe and it is so much fun being able to be with them and watch them make connections and decide that they want a personal relationship with their Lord and Savior.

What has the first semester been like? What are the highlights?

It has been incredibly rewarding to work with the kids and see them get more and more involved with the lessons, as well as watching them get comfortable with each other. This may lead to extra silliness during our Bible time, but the whole point of 45 Club is for these kids to make Christian connections and relationships as they start to make their network of Christian friends that they can rely on. It has been awesome seeing that and being a part of it.



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