The First Presbyterian congregation has been helping provide food for local children who may not have enough food to eat.

Backpacks get filled on Thursdays for Friday distribution.

LovePacks helps children at two area schools, Spotswood Elementary in Harrisonburg and Peak View Elementary in Rockingham County. Ninety-three percent of children at Spotswood and 33.5 percent  at Peak View  receive free or reduced meal assistance at both breakfast and lunch throughout the school week. On the weekends, though, when school meals are unavailable, these same children may not have enough food.

Each week during the school year, volunteers fill backpacks with food on Thursday evenings. Items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack are placed in a backpack for each child ages 2 through 18 living in a needy home. Backpacks are delivered to the school on Friday mornings and are discreetly distributed to the participating children to take home over the weekend. The children then return the empty backpacks on Monday.

If you have questions or would be interested in financially supporting the program, contact Jill Langridge.

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