Will you be joining a Lenten Life Group this month? Lenten Life Groups are sermon-based small groups that will meet on a weekly basis during Lent. Life Groups will use Sunday sermons as a launching point for meaningful conversations and fellowship. The Lenten sermon series is…

This can be a very fruitful experience for all involved. Frank Sprinkel, who led an “Explore God” small group in the fall, listed 6 benefits to being in a life group:

  1. Studying Biblical topics with others in small groups results in the development of close relationships among those studying together.
  2. A strong sense of God’s presence is recognized by the group as they work through questions and issues that come up during small group discussions.
  3. Hearing opinions and thoughts from other believers helps broaden and strengthen our own beliefs.
  4. Friendships are strengthened, or new friendships developed via small group studies.
  5. A deeper understanding of Biblical principles is often gained via a focused small group study.
  6. New leaders can emerge from small groups as we gain confidence in our relationship with Christ and have a deeper sense of Biblical truths.

Small groups are a rewarding and important part of the life of the church. This year we are offering the following groups:

Time – 10:15am
Location – First Pres. Room 208
Facilitator – Scott Thayer [sthayer@firstpreshbg.org] Demographic – All ages, individuals and couples

Time – 4:00pm
Location – Berkey home in Broadway
Facilitators – Adam & Caitlin Berkey [caitlin.berkey@gmail.com] Demographic – Parents of young children

Time – 6:00pm
Location – Church or Homes
Facilitators – Billy & Avery Craig [bcraig@firstpreshbg.org] Demographic – Families of middle school and high school students

Time – 6:00pm
Location – Graham home in Harrisonburg
Facilitators – Mark & Martha Graham [mkbgraham@gmail.com] Demographic – All ages, individuals and couples

Time – 6:30pm
Location – Sprinkle home in Bridgewater
Facilitators – Frank & Annette Sprinkel [fcsprink@verizon.net] Demographic – All ages, individuals and couples

Time – Monday 6:30pm
Location – Gonzalez home in Weyers Cave
Facilitators – Keith & Betsy Dishman [laddman60@gmail.com] Demographic – Bilingual

Time – 7:30pm
Location – Carl & Kelsey’s home in Harrisonburg
Facilitators – Carl Larsson & Kelsey Rockey [kelsey.rockey@gmail.com] Demographic – Young Professionals

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