We recently sent funds to our sister congregation in Jimma, Ethiopia, to support them as they face the coronavirus. We received a letter from them with some photos of their people with the supplies they were able to obtain with the funds.

Dear First Presbyterian Church,

Recently, your Church sent fund for Jimma congregation to support people have affected by COVID-9. Our elders made continues discussion on the wise and fair utilization of the fund. We organized a Purchasing and Distribution Committee. We have also given responsibility for full time ministers to over see and control closely. Accordingly, the committee members accomplished perfectly the responsibility given to them by elders. The following items were purchased and distributed according to the report of the committee.

  • Rice
  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Soap (Solid)
  • Liquid soap mixed with sanitizer

Each beneficiary supported from all items. This means each of them supported with five items. Thank you so much for the support you have made for this people. In this crisis time, it is not easy to get such a support. During the distribution, brief explanation made by Kes Sime that the support is from our sister Church in Harrisonburg. Prayer was made on the day, and the people were encouraged by the word of God. A prayer has been made for you all and your Church services too. If you did not intervene at this time, the consequence of this pandemic could not easy. On behalf of elders and all members of Jimma congregation, I would like to thank you all serve in FPC. Personally, I also lack words to thank and appreciate you all. Continue to pray for us and our country. The number of people caught in Corona virus is increasing everyday more than ever. As I have said before, we are at a time when the problem is getting worse in Africa including Ethiopia. Keep us in all your prayers. In particular, our country is in a precarious situation. In addition to Corona virus, the country in a great disagreement with Egypt on the Nile Dam. There is concern that war in the two countries could be provoked. It is also feared that the discontent of political parties in the country could lead to bloodshed in the country. On the other hand, the invasion of desert locust results in higher crop damage in different parts of the country. This could lead the county to the worst famine. Thankfully, God is above all, and he is in control of these matters. Please share these issues to sisters and brothers as they will remember Ethiopia in their prayer. Your prayer and being with us is very valuable. I will update you what is going around us.

Attached are some photos showing the support you made for our widows, orphans and other poor people affected by COVID-19.

Please pass my warmest greetings to brothers and sisters in FPC.

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