This was the first week First Pres served a “Brown Bag” meal on Tuesday and we had quite a surprise!

We prepared the sandwiches, chips, fruit, cookie and bottled water and at 4:30pm. Mary and Pat walked outside to an empty parking lot. Apparently the word had not gotten out that we were serving a meal. We were disappointed to say the least.

Then Doug and Pastor Billy put us into “traveling mode.” The four of us headed out in Billy’s van to deliver the meals. We went to the Roses’ parking lot and encountered several folks we recognized from having been regulars at Soup Kitchen before. Soon more people showed up and we gladly gave them a bagged meal and a bottle of cold water and chatted with them. We then traveled north on Main Street and saw several more men that we gave meals to. Next, we circled around and headed back to the church. On the way we noticed a man standing off to the side of a shed in a vacant lot. We stopped and asked if he would like a meal. He indicated that there were more people back behind the shed that could use a meal also. With this last contact, we gave out the rest of the prepared meals and water. It was a wonderful experience to deliver the meals to those in need. We became excited servants rather than disappointed servers.

We ask our covenant partners of First Pres to please consider serving in our Soup Kitchen. At this time we are preparing the bagged meals and will transition to warm meals served in Showker Hall when we are able to do so. We need four additional team leaders for the 2nd through 5th weeks of each month. Team leaders will coordinate a team one week per month. They will plan and prepare the menu, serve the meal, and clean up. We need to organize the team leaders now for each week. At this time the “Brown Bag” meal requires only two people. This will help acquaint team leaders with the kitchen and the basic process. Then, once we are again able to serve an actual “Soup Kitchen” meal, Mary and Pat will help you develop your teams and assist with the process.

We ask that you prayerfully consider serving in the Soup Kitchen. Contact Mary or Pat if you feel called to serve.

– Pat Haden

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