Fauls Building

The Fauls Building, a former retail spot on Court Square adjacent to our sanctuary, has been in disrepair for numerous years, and the leaders of the church are actively investigating how to make the space useable again. In November 2017, the elders decided on a specific vision for the building’s use and appointed a committee to look into how we could fund that vision.

The Vision

True to Our Mission

The idea is to create a space that could actively accomplish at least two parts of our mission statement: serving our community and growing God’s kingdom. We have 4,000+ square feet that are in need of much repair, but within a structure that is repairable. We want to rehabilitate it and make it useful in our mission.

First Floor

The first floor space would include a flexible, community-gathering space that could also be used for several possibilities: a church plant, small-group meeting space, a non-churchy venue for outreach events or as a place to draw the community’s college students and young professionals.

Second Floor

The second floor would be a community resource center where community members could learn English, computer skills, personal-finance skills or other adult-education topics. That center would be run by Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, which have committed to providing a staffer once the center opens.

The second floor also would include space for our congregation to hold community outreach activities that help community members learn life skills.

Not a New Idea

The vision of a life-skills center was born during a study the church did several years ago in which the church decided to become a leader in our community by reaching out to those who need basic life skills to succeed. In doing so, we reach people in a tangible way with love and compassion.

Music Space & Chapel

Part of the project would also include relocating the music ministry from the Music Annex, which is accessible through the Fauls Building, to a renovated space where the Old Fellowship Hall kitchen is and turning that fellowship hall into a chapel space for prayer and smaller services. The space also would include a laundry facility and showers for homeless people in our community; that space would be separately accessible.

What Now?

The elders have embraced this concept, and also have said that renovating the building, rather than demolishing and rebuilding, would be in the best interest of our finances and community outreach as we preserve a historic landmark on Court Square.

In addition to endorsing the vision of the center, the elders are now working with a committee to identify exact funding needs and how to raise that money. At this point, the project is in the research phase; congregational approval would be necessary to proceed.

How Can I Be Involved?

Frankly, right now we need to pray. Pray for those working on this concept, that they would have clarity of vision and that we’d keep in step with where God is working. Pray for those looking at the finances. Pray big: that God would raise up what we need to make this a reality and that it would be a tangible blessing to Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

If you have questions contact a member of the Fauls Building Committee, which is chaired by Vince Harkins and Tom Clayton.