During the Covid-19 crisis, the courtyard committee has continued work on our newly opened space adjacent to the church. After the building at 11 Court Square was demolished in March, the committee was able to fully assess the scope of the project, and courtyard construction will begin soon.

With the guidance of Eugene Stoltzfus Architects, the committee finalized plans for the courtyard and contracted with Nielsen’s small projects division to complete the work.

Construction is scheduled to begin by July 1 with completion in 60 days, or in late August.

Over the past few months, the committee has:

  • Worked with the architects and approved final plans for the courtyard.
  • Worked with the city of Harrisonburg and a local engineering firm to ensure that drainage from the courtyard will comply with all city regulations.
  • Worked with the city and the owner of the apartment building behind the courtyard to make sure all parties are informed on the project.
  • Signed contract with Nielsen Small Projects division.
  • Signed contracts with five subcontractors to complete work on the concrete (for the stage), landscaping, fencing, masonry and the steel frame for the “green” wall.

Currently, the committee is working with local utility companies and HEC to reconfigure the overhead and exterior wires on the buildings. Addressing these lines will improve the aesthetics of the space and the functionality of the courtyard and of 9 Court Square. At the same time, some electrical work will be done in 9 Court Square in anticipation of Phase 2. Throughout the process, the committee has considered necessary changes to 9 Court Square that will facilitate and dovetail with Phase 2, when it begins at a later date.

The committee also has worked closely with the admin/finance committee to keep the project on budget. While some unexpected costs have appeared, others have come in under budget. Overall, the new courtyard project is proceeding as planned and within budget. In addition, several individuals have donated funds to finish the Courtyard and to jumpstart Phase 2.

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