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  1. Anxious? How are your media and scripture intake?

    I really enjoyed my vacation and one of the best parts of it was that I didn’t watch the news even once in a three week span. Oh, I read an occasional article or news story, but usually I just skimmed the highlights.

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  2. It’s the most often-repeated phrase in the Bible, and we’re going to study it this Lent

    I have become convinced that fear dominates so much of our lives.

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  3. An exciting Sunday at First Pres

    Can I tell you how excited I am about this weekend?

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  4. Consider visiting the Holy Land

    So, one of the missionaries we support as a Church is Dennis Karp of Chosen People Ministries. Dennis is a Messianic Jew, and Chosen People Ministries is an evangelistic mission to the Jewish people.

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  5. What is the church? Two thoughts before Sunday.

    Based solidly on Scripture, the early Church fathers declared that there is no salvation apart from the Church. Thus how we think about and relate to the Church is of eternal consequence. Yet what is the Church?

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