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  1. A holy hope

    Last night was so powerful. The Holy Spirit was working in ways I couldn’t wrap my head around to heal and restore people, and I think part of how he was doing that in me was in not letting me understand or control it. If God’s work depends on us understanding and controlling it, God’s work would be very limited, and God is not limited. Yet in his grace He does his work both in and through us. We get to be conduits, and even as God’s grace passes through us to others we ourselves are transformed.

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  2. We’re better together

    One of the best parts of this trip has been experiencing it with Scott Dove. Scott has taught the middle four of our 10 lessons, wrapping up his part earlier today, but even before he taught his first lesson, the students had discerned his heart.

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  3. All to Jesus

    In our evening worship the other night we sang the hymn “All to Jesus” with its repeated refrain “I surrender all.” It has proven an apt prayer for our time here, as those we have been with truly have surrendered so much to follow Jesus.

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  4. Fired up for the work of evangelism

    Revelation 2-3 records seven letters from Jesus to seven of his churches in what is now Turkey. Today, Scott Dove and I were able to visit two of those churches: Philadelphia and Laodicea.

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  5. Wake up and pray!

    “Wake up!” After having traveled for nearly 24 hours straight with very little sleep I didn’t think sleep would be an issue but while I had no problem falling asleep I woke up at 4:30 a.m. local, which was 8:30 p.m. back home.

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