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  1. Love is not Proud

    Imagine being able to see what the disciples saw when they were with Jesus. Imagine the walks, the conversations, the teaching, the adventures. To be honest it is hard for me to imagine but I occasionally put myself in the sandals of the disciples as I read the gospels. I know that scripture is living and want to live it in a way that honors Christ.

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  2. Love does not boast

    Recently one of our visiting clergy at the Hahn Cancer Center made a comment that stuck with me. He said “Instead of being on Facebook, you should have your Face in The Book.” Now I don’t know if he made that up or he heard it somewhere but it made an impression on me.

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  3. Love is… Patient and Kind

    I Corinthians 13:1-7 is one of those passages that I have heard and read so often that I probably do not really listen to the words as I should, if in fact I ever did. Maybe you aren’t like me… hopefully you aren’t. I chose to reflect on the first part of verse 4. Or maybe God chose it for me because I needed to understand it and apply it to my life in a new way.

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  4. Love is…

    What I will try to do here is to lift our eyes, yours and mine, beyond the early passages to the place Paul is going in the later part of the chapter and in chapter 14. What’s the big picture here? Love clearly is not something grandiose! It is not some squishy feeling! It is not for our own entertainment. Paul certainly details what it is not.

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