What a blessing First Pres has been to our neighbors in need during this winter season! Two of our Soup Kitchen volunteers, Kappy Barnes and Joy Strickland, noticed that many people coming to have dinner with us on Tuesday night did not have winter foot wear. At this time the temperatures were in the below zero numbers at night. Kappy and Joy said, “These people need boots,” and a mission was born. We simply placed a boot on the table for Open Doors volunteers and printed a message in the church bulletin asking for “donations for boots.” Thanks to your generosity, we collected $1,026.55.

Kappy and Joy bargain shopped, purchasing roughly 25 pairs of boots in various sizes. The boots were set out at the next Soup Kitchen and given to those in need. Many of the guests put on their boots right away and we were able to provide many of them with new socks. They were all very appreciative.

That night we had guests who needed sizes we did not have, and several additional pairs were purchased for them. As we become aware of additional neighbors in need of boots, we are purchasing the sizes needed. It has been a true labor of love for all of us who serve at Soup Kitchen. One family sometimes attends Soup Kitchen with their son. Kappy and Joy made sure he also received a pair of boots and a gift his Dad said he wanted for Christmas. It was wrapped in Christmas paper and tagged “from Santa.”

This experience has proven to all of us that when our volunteers see a tangible need and set up a process to let our First Pres family fulfill this need, we can do awesome things! $157.28 remains in the Soup Kitchen fund and will be used for boots or other winter gear as the need arises.

– Pat Haden

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