Sunday Bible Study for Adults

Bible Study: Book of Ephesians, Room 200

Adults of any age
This class will continue an in-depth exegetical study of St. Paul’s Epistle to the Church at Ephesus. Upon completion of that study we will begin a similar study on the Gospel of St. Matthew. Contact Jim Dye,

Study of Hebrews, Room 202

Adults of any age
The class uses a discussion format to study books of the Bible or relevant Christian publications. This class will be taught by Mike Robison. Contact Frank Sprinkel,

A Parenting Study, Fellowship Hall

Adults of any age
Are you intentionally raising your kids up in the faith and leading them to follow Jesus, or just trying to keep up with the craziness of life? Join us as we study and explore how to parent our kids with purpose and intent. We will glean from the book, “Parenting” by Paul David Tripp. Facilitated by Dave and Emily Larson, and Mike Hendricksen. Contact David Larson,

The Life and Times of the Apostle Peter, Room 205

Adults of any age
In these lessons we will look at the life of a common fisherman who met an uncommon Savior who changed his life forever. We will begin with a study of Peter’s life as an introduction to his letters – 1st and 2nd Peter. Join us to see how God can use a first century fisherman and how He can use us in the 21st century to live for Him. Contact Scott Dove,

B.F. Wilson Class, Room 206

Men of any age
This class is studying Ed Blackwell’s Study of Revelation and Eschatology. The study is expected to continue through December. The class is facilitated by various class members and is open to all men. Contact Russ Lawrence for information, 578-1328.