Adult Classes

Most Adult Classes take a break during the summer months. All classes will start again in the fall. Below are two classes that will meet during the summer.


Courage! – A look at the book of Daniel, Room 205

Adults of any age

We’ll be finishing up a study on the book of Daniel. We’ll also reference a book by Matt Chandler called “Take Heart – Christian Courage in the Age of Unbelief”. After that the class will study a book by Paul Washer entitled “Knowing the Living God.” Contact Scott Dove,

B.F. Wilson Class, Room 206

Men of any age, typically 50-70 years of age

This class is doing an in-depth study on the book of Revelation. The class will meet thru July 28th, take off the month of August, and resume September 8th. The class is facilitated by various class members and is open to all men. Contact Russ Lawrence for information, 578-1328.