Adult Classes

Bible Study: Book of Joshua, Room 200

Adults of any age
In-depth, exegetical study. Taught by Jim Dye,

Discovery Class, Room 201

Adults of any age
While celebrating that Jesus has come, we look forward to the God who comes again by looking back. The advents of Jesus are both already and not yet. These lessons will reacquaint us with the adventing nature of God. Taught by Dick Miller, (540) 209-5609 or

Book study: A Case for Christmas, Room 202

Adults of any age
This study will focus on Lee Strobal’s book titled A Case for Christmas.
Led by Frank Sprinkel,

Book Study: Desiring God, Fellowship Hall

Adults of any age, typically parents of young children
This study will focus on John Piper’s classic book, Desiring God. We will dive into the Psalms, Paul’s letters, and the teachings of Jesus, to explore the notion that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. Led by Dave and Emily Larson, or

21 Portraits of the Savior, Room 205

Adults of any age
The Gospel of John – so simple a child can read and yet its insights have amazed scholars for centuries. Join us as we step back in time into the sandals of the beloved disciple. Contact Scott Dove,

B.F. Wilson Class, Room 206

Men of any age, typically 50-70 years of age
This class is studying an advent series call “A Savior Is Born”. Contact Russ Lawrence, (540) 578-1328.