Adult Classes

The Book of Ephesians, Room 200

Adults of any age
In-depth, exegetical study. Taught by Jim Dye,

The Book of Hebrews, Room 202

Adults of any age
The class will be finishing a study on Hebrews and studying other topics as well. Class will be led by various individuals.

A Marriage Study, Fellowship Hall

Adults of any age
Join us for this Matt Chandler study on marriage entitled “The Mingling of Soul: God’s Design for Love, Marriage, Sex & Redemption”. We are inundated with songs, movies, and advice that contradict God’s design for love and intimacy. Emotions rise and fall with a simple glance, touch, kiss or word. Against this cultural sway, Matt Chandler offers an eternal, counter-intuitive perspective on love from the biblical book Song of Solomon. Contact Mike Hendricksen,

Courage! – A look at the book of Daniel, Room 205

Adults of any age
This is an age of unbelief and hostility to Christianity. In my recent trip to Turkey I met and heard the stories of real-life heroes who stood strong and kept the faith despite exile, torture, and imprisonment. How can we have courage and live faithfully unto the Lord in these days? We’ll be taking a look at that as we study the book of Daniel. We’ll also reference a book by Matt Chandler called “Take Heart – Christian Courage in the Age of Unbelief”. Contact Scott Dove,

B.F. Wilson Class, Room 206

Men of any age, typically 50-70 years of age
This class will be doing an in-depth 22-week study on the book of Revelation. The class is facilitated by various class members and is open to all men. Contact Russ Lawrence for information, 578-1328.