Resources for Spiritual Growth

Bible-Reading Plan

“I’m too busy!” That’s how we often respond when we push Bible reading off to the side. Now, with some  some extra time, it could be time to start a Bible-reading plan.

RightNow Media

In short, RightNow is like Netflix but with Christ-centered videos, teaching and Bible studies. As your families are together during these weeks, we suggest you find a study or video series you could watch and discuss together. All you have to do to get access is email Emily Huffman in our office and she will get you a login. Or you can call the office at 540-434-6551.

The Bible Project

Another online resource is The Bible Project. It features understandable overviews of every book of the Bible, which are illustrated as the explanation is given. The site also features topical studies and videos.

‘The Chosen’

Pastor Billy recommends this multi-episode online series about the life of Jesus. You can learn more at its website, where you can download an app and watch the series.

Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier Ministries is opening all of its teaching to free streaming. On their website or through their app, 1,000+ hours of time-proven, trusted teaching covering topics in biblical studies, theology, church history, Christian living and worldview. Their entire video and audio teaching series library will remain open until at least June 30.

Meet Online

If you’re feeling technologically adventurous, consider setting up a Facetime call with someone and pray together. You can also use videoconferencing for small-group sessions. If you’re not feeling that adventurous, consider sending encouragement to fellow covenant partners by email (or go old school and send a card through snail mail). You can find addresses and phone numbers on our online directory. If you need help accessing the directory or have forgotten your username and password, contact the office at 540-433-6551.